Private Tours-Small Group and Family Tours of Sitka, Alaska

Take a private small group tour or family tour of Sitka, Alaska, and experience Sitka as only the locals know. Go behind the scenes to with our knowledgeable tour guides.

2 hour Private Tour of Sitka, Alaska

This private small group tour covers the south end of the Baranof Island, one of the 300 islands that make up Sitka, Alaska; and can include all the stops on our popular 2-hour tour. Or, the nice thing about a private tour is you have the whole van, so if you want to spend your full time at the Fortress of The Bear, you can do that, or if you’d like to spend it in Totem Park, walking along the beach, looking through the tide-pools for treasures or soaking up its rich greenness, you can do that. It’s YOUR own private  tour of Sitka!

Call 907-738-1733 to reserve your private tour of Sitka, Alaska.


4-Hour Private Tour of Sitka

Extend your trip with our 4-hour private tour, which allows time to see both ends of the island.  In addition to the above things to see, visit Sitka’s Indian River and see the salmon as they bump and jump their way upstream (when in season), or ride our back roads and see where locals go to catch the Silver salmon in July as they start running upstream. Look for our gray heron or our black swans that visit Swan Lake downtown. See “Old Sitka” where the original establishment of Sitka was. Options are open on the 4-hour private tour as you have time to visit both ends Sitka.   This is YOUR exclusive private tour!

Call 907-738-1733 to reserve your 4 hour private tour of Sitka 

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