Sitka Scenic Tour – Premium

This tour includes the favorite stops of our most popular tour of Sitka – with a premium option added – Admission to Alaska Raptor Center in addition to Fortress of the Bear  & Totem Park (Sitka National Historic Park).

Your first stop on your Sitka Scenic Tour - Premium will be the beautiful Silver Bay.Rescued Alaskan Grizzly Bear at Fortress of the Bear in Sitka, AlaskaBears at Fortress of the BearSnowy Owl at Alaska Raptor CenterAdmission to the Alaska Raptor Center is included on your Sitka Scenic Tour- PremiumSitka National Historical ParkAlaska's oldest National Park isn't a big one—only 113 acres and you'll get to visit it when you go on the Sitka Scenic Tour- Premium.Salmon Spawning in the Indian River in Sitka, AlaskaYou'll be amazed at the number of stunning bald eagles in Sitka Alaska!

Here’s what our Sitka Scenic Tour- Premium, includes:

  • Narrated tour of Sitka, Alaska, where local guides take you behind the scenes and give you the inside scoop on how real Alaskans live. Wireless microphones make hearing easy!
  • Silver Bay
    • Your first stop is the beautiful Silver Bay. You might get lucky enough to see whales, sea otters and other wildlife that inhabit the area. It’s a stunning stop for family photos. 
  • Admission to Fortress of the Bear
    • Meet the rescued Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears up close.
    • Learn their stories and how we save orphan bear cubs from certain death.
  • Admission to Alaska Raptor Center
    • See the Bald Eagles who are being rehabilitated so that they can go back and live in the wild. Find out about how Alaska has helped the Bald Eagle come back from near extinction.
    • View other birds of prey including owls, ravens and hawks. 
  • Visit Sitka National Historic Park
    • Take a short walk to snap photos of the stunning totem poles and the beautiful Indian River
    • Learn about the lifecycle of Alaskan salmon who have been spawning in the Indian River for millions of years.

Facts About The Sitka Scenic Tour – Premium

  • 2 1/2 hours from start to finish
  • Small group tour, maximum 10 guests on board (No crowds!!)
  • Narrated driving tour of Sitka, with stops along the way where you will get out and take a short walk to visit an attraction. 
  • Local Sitka, Alaska, tour guide, not a tour guide brought in from another state
  • Newer model, clean passenger van with big windows. 
  • Van heated and air conditioned for your comfort.
  • Tour guides wear wireless microphones so everyone can hear

Seats sell out fast! Book early to reserve your seat! 

Only $75 per person.





Let us show you Sitka through the eyes of a local Alaskan resident guide!

New. clean and comfortable vans hold 10 people maximum. Tour guides wear microphones so everyone can hear.

New. clean and comfortable vans hold 10 people maximum. Tour guides wear microphones so everyone can hear.

Escape the large crowded bus tours that some cruise lines offer and let our local tour guides show you Sitka in a small group setting aboard our new model, 10 passenger Nissan vans.

On our 2.5 hour Sitka shore excursion you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime as our local guides share with you a Sitka filled with amazing wildlife, incredible beauty and unbelievable sights! Listen to local guides tell you the story of the totems at the Sitka National Historical Park, visit rescued cubs at the Fortress of the Bear, see bald eagles up close at the Alaska Raptor Center and more!

Because of our long-term relationship with these facilities they work hard to give our tours a personal touch!

About Sitka Scenic Tour-Premium

Rescued Alaskan Grizzly Bear at Fortress of the Bear in Sitka, Alaska

Rescued Alaskan Coastal Bear at Fortress of the Bear in Sitka, Alaska

When you arrive in downtown Sitka, you will be greeted by the owners of the company as we escort you to our new, comfortable, heated and air-conditioned Nissan tour vans to begin your Sitka tour.

Your guide will be an actual Alaska resident that loves to share their world with you.

After a short-narrated drive, your first stop will be in beautiful Silver Bay where you might be lucky enough to see whales, sea lions or other marine animals who inhabit that area.

In the unlikely event the animals are not cooperating we will spend more time at your next stop, where animals are guaranteed.

Alaskan Brown Bear at Fortress of the Bear

You can’t get much closer than this!

The next stop is the Fortress of The Bear, a rescue and rehabilitation center for orphaned Alaskan brown and black bear cubs. You will be treated to an amazing up-close view of these beautiful brown and black bears in a natural setting.

You will learn about the amazing work being done to teach the locals proper ways to live with the bears in Sitka, which is also home to as many as 5,000 wild bears!

Next, we will go to the Alaska Raptor Center for an up-close look at bald eagles, owls, ravens and other birds of prey that have been rescued from being injured in the forests of Alaska!

Baby Owl at Alaska Raptor Center

Meet the baby Owl at Alaska Raptor Center

Our small group will be given a private guide at the center to share the amazing story of these beautiful birds and answer any questions you may have. 

Lastly, we visit the Sitka National Historic Park (also known as Totem Park) where we walk among the towering and ancient totem poles.  You will also walk along the Indian River, a stunning river where millions of salmon have spawned each summer for thousands of years and still do today.  If you’re here during the right season, you’ll be awed as you witness thousands of salmon fighting the current to swim upriver to reach the ancient spawning grounds of their ancestors.

Walk among the towering totem poles at Sitka National Historic Park.

Walk among the towering totem poles at Sitka National Historic Park.

After this amazing stop, you will be given the opportunity to drive back with your guide to your starting destination or you can walk along the beautiful Sitka Sea Walk built specifically for your viewing pleasure.

The Sitka Sea Walk is a short and easy walk along the stunning Sitka shoreline, and will give you the opportunity to go visit more of Sitka’s amazing attractions including the Sitka Sound Science Center and Fish Hatchery as well as viewing the beautiful boats in Sitka’s fishing fleet (some of which have been on the Discovery Channel’s popular TV Show “Deadliest Catch”. The walk along the Sitka Sea Walk is short, flat, and an easy walk for everyone. 




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